ella west


  1. if i eat rocks will i last forever
  2. the dolmen series
  3. becoming geological
  4. solidity · tell me how you stand (30 days of sediment)
  5. solid bods 


  1. ceramics
  2. prints

  1. Ella West is a visual artist living and working in London, UK. Working within the mediums of installation, video and print, West is interested in themes of nature, family, failure, symbolism and the body. In the work, the often appearing rock – or the facsimile of the rock – can shift between signifying the mother, the home, the bones of the earth.


london summer intensive programme / 2019

If I Eat Rocks Will I Last Forever 

A project exploring a relationship with consuming resources, matter and minerals on a personal and global scale. What can you do when it’s all gone?

Works were made and exhibited during the London Summer Intensive Residency 2019 led by Camden Art Centre and Slade School of Art, London. Participating artists in the programme included: Sabeen Omar, Rachel Berkowitz, Jessica Fu, Naomi Dodds, Magdalena Dukiewicz, Monica Eckert, Maja-Lisa Flodin-Ali, Odette Graskie, Cathy Hayes, Cindy Hill, Yuuki Horiuchi, Yixin, Yuji Kumon, Diane McGeachy, Nell Nicholas, Libby Oliver, Da In Park, Jose Sarmiento, Elisabeth Strigini, Mina Talaee, Michael Thompson, Joe Turpin, Glover & West, Paul Yore, Yifan Eva Zhang